May Gallery

May hath 31 frames.


Well, I had a tough time digging up 31 images that are postworthy. In fact, the extreme closeup of the goose is a little too close and not sharply focused. Nonetheless, here they are, my 31 entries for May 2018. I frequently visit the Hudson River on lunch break, and a gaggle of double-breasted cormorants came up the river, following the alewife run. (Alewives are small fish, like sardines. There’s a “run” in spring, though I don’t know if they’re heading north to mate or if it’s fingerlings headed south toward the sea.) So the cormorants entertained me, and I shot a LOT of frames trying to catch their treading-water takeoffs and their splashy landings. The Mallard ducks and a lone Canada goose hang out around this fishing hole. The mallard shots brought some welcome surprises between the look of the water and the brilliant colors of the birds. As always, these are “raw” images from the camera, without any post-processing.

Click any image to start the full-size carousel.

May brings the “Garden Party” to Sharon Springs. Mostly farm and garden vendors, but a little of everything. Daughter Kerry’s farm set up for both days and had fine weather, and provided me another photo opportunity (with a couple of my favorite subjects!)

June’s Gallery is bound to step it up a little.  Until then, keep snapping!



3 thoughts on “May Gallery

  1. Nice to see you are getting some green and a few bright spots of color! Another nice collection marking the passage of time, Paz! Nice shots of the take offs. I didn’t know alewife ran in the Hudson. My grandfather in downeast Maine caught and smoked them (the preserving smoking, not inhaling). It was something I didn’t like seeing on the dinner table.

    • Yes, some welcome color…including green!
      I could be mistaken about the alewives. Just repeating what I think I heard.
      I figured that’s why the cormorants came this far north. Usually there south of Kingston or so.
      Got a chuckle out of the story of your grandfather.
      You reminded me of a running gag on a radio show, where the characters had a lot of one-liners built around “smoked almonds” and “smoked halibut”.

      Seek peace,


      • I’ve just done a little research and your info is correct, according to the NY State Dept of Environmental Conservation. The Hudson is a hotbed of fish spawning activity and the alewives are the first of the season.
        I bet that was funny, sounds like something Red Skelton would do!

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